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To learn about Adis & Associates we must start with it's founder who originally began the business in 1960, Hilda Audrey Adis. Audrey was born in Hawthorne, NJ and was an only child. She later married and became a mother of three children, Michael, John, and Lorraine. Committed to serving the community she was part of the West Paterson First Aid squad for a number of years. Always looking to help others she later began assisting in filing personal income taxes for friends at George's Confectionery Store on North Main St. in Paterson, this led to word of mouth referrals in her ability to make filing taxes easy.

After 20 years since inception of Adis Associates Audrey's son in 1980, John Adis, began following in his mother's footsteps in assisting her in preparing personal tax filings. Built on this foundation of helping others understand and easily prepare their tax filings. John has kept the commitment of his mother alive. John was born in St. Joseph's Hospital in Paterson, NJ and was a native to West Paterson, (Woodland Park) in his early childhood through young adulthood years

In recent years, Adis & Associates has moved to Brick, NJ however, still stands by Audrey's commitment to providing exemplary service, trust, and assisting others in preparing and filing personal income taxes.

Let’s Work Together

124 Marilyn Dr.

Brick, NJ 08723

Tel: (973) 720-1040

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