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Annual income tax return filed by citizens or residents of the United States. 
​1040 - 1040 SR
                                              Starting @ $125.00                                 N.J. State - $50.00


Starting @ $150.00 per Business+ 1040 + N.J. State

Sole Proprietors​
1099 MISC
Single Member Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Starting @ $150.00 per Rental+ 1040 + N.J. State
     Single-Unit Rental Properties
Multi-Unit Rentals

Free Electronic Filing
Get your federal refund faster, 5 - 10 days quicker with our free electronic filing. Electronic Filing is a service from the IRS to process your tax return more accurately and faster.
Direct Deposit.

Your tax refund will be directly deposited into your bank account. 
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 IRS Form 1040-1040 SR:​             


Starting @ 125.00

  • You have certain types of income, such as unreported tips; certain nontaxable distributions; self-employment earnings; or income received as a partner, a shareholder in an S corporation, or are a beneficiary of an estate or trust.

  • You itemize deductions or claim certain tax credits or adjustments to income,

  • You owe household employment tax 

New Jersey 1040:   


       Starting @ $50.00          

Who Must File a New Jersey Income Tax Return You must file a return if – and your gross income from everywhere for the entire year your filing status is: was more than the filing threshold: Single Married/CU partner, filing separate return $10,000 Married/CU couple, filing joint return Head of household $20,000 Qualifying widow(er)/surviving CU partner Also file a return if , You had New Jersey Income Tax withheld and are due a refund.  You paid New Jersey estimated taxes for 2020 and are due a refund.  You are eligible for a New Jersey Earned Income Tax Credit or other credit and are due a refund. Note: Homeowners and tenants age 65 or older or disabled who do not have to file a New Jersey return may be eligible for a Property Tax Credit.

Starting @ $150.00 + 1040 per Business

  • Sole Proprietors​

  • 1099 MISC

  • Single Member Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Rental Property: 
Starting @150.00 + 1040 per Rental

Listed below are some of the details that should be included on your tax preparation checklist.

Tax Preparation for Personal Information
The IRS needs to know who is filing the tax return, as well as how many people are covered on it. To make this easy, they require:

  • Your Social Security number

  • Your spouse’s Social Security number (if married)

  • Social Security numbers for any dependents

Tax Preparation for Income Information
The following documents will help you prepare all the income information that you need to file a federal tax return:

  • W-2 Forms from all employers you (and your spouse, if filing a joint return) worked for during the past tax year.

  • 1099 Forms if you (or your spouse) completed contract work and earned more than $600.

  • Investment income information (including: interest income, dividend income, proceeds from the sale of bonds or stocks, and income from foreign investments).

  • Income from local and state tax refunds from the prior year.

  • Business income (accounting records for any business that you own)

  • Unemployment income

  • Rental property income

  • Social Security benefits

  • Miscellaneous income (including: jury duty, lottery and gambling winnings, Form 1099-MISC for prizes and awards, and Form 1099-MSA for distributions from medical savings accounts)

Tax Preparation for Income Adjustments
The following adjustments can help reduce how much you owe in taxes, and in turn, increase your chance of receiving a tax refund:

  • Homebuyer tax credit

  • Green energy credits

  • IRA contributions

  • Mortgage interest

  • Student loan interest

  • Medical Savings Account (MSA) contributions

  • Self-employed health insurance

Tax Preparation for Credits and Deductions
There are many tax credits and tax deductions for various expenses, which are designed to help lower the amount of tax that an individual has to pay:

  • Education costs

  • Childcare costs

  • Adoption costs

  • Charitable contributions/donations

  • Casualty and theft losses

  • Qualified business expenses

  • Medical expenses

Tax Preparation for Direct Deposit
Are you interested in having your tax refund directly deposited into your bank account? If so, you will need to provide two things:

  • Your bank account number

  • The bank’s routing number

This tax forms / preparation checklist should help you get organized before filing your next income tax return.

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